Driftwood Design is a project of Shannon McArthur. She is a Digital Brand Manager at a local Rhode Island Marketing Agency and helps drive growth for clients by overseeing the rapidly changing digital sectors like mobile applications, social media, and Internet-based marketing. She manages all client execution and specializes in evolving the client strategy based on shifting market trends and consumer needs.

Fields of expertise

Graphic Design

Draft visual concepts and develop the overall layout and production design for websites, social media advertisements, whitepapers and more.

Web Development

Knowledge of HTML5, CSS, and JS – effectively and efficiently oversee optimize client sites to increase traffic and optimize marketing campaigns.

Brand Strategy

Create visually stunning a comprehensive brand identity guidelines for clients to maintain future brand consistency through campaigns, site optimizations, email marketing and more.

Process Management

Develop and execute internal processes for onboarding and offboarding interns, freelancers, and full time employees. Such as but not limited to; overall position guidelines, bi-weekly presentations, etc.

Art Direction

Provide constructive feedback to team design proposals. Making sure all design projects are perfect by the time the client reviews them. (dimensions, spelling, fonts, color palettes) 90% approval rate.*

Passionate Hobbyist

Spends free time designing and building lamps out of old bottles, practicing and growing photography portfolio, making jewelry and much more.